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Call for Volunteers

So you don’t live near the host location! That doesn’t mean that you can’t be part of the ZFEST Team that helps make ZFEST an amaZing success. There are several events and general festival functions that will need volunteer support.

So you do live near the host location! You can volunteer also!

Got a special skill or interest? Let us know!

Send an email to: and let us know how you and/or your group would like to participate in the only Z car national event.

Most of these volunteer positions share several characteristics:

  • Minimal Time Commitment: One to three hours each, for one day/evening only.
  • Minimal Preparation: At ZFEST, most event/function leaders will hold a short briefing session to explain the details of each role and provide you with the tools you need. For those events that are a little more complex, pre-arrival briefing materials will be emailed to you.
  • Working in Teams: With a few exceptions, most volunteer positions will have you teamed with others.
  • Social Interaction: New to ZSCCA? Want to meet new people who share your Z enthusiasm? ZFEST volunteers are our ambassadors to the Z community at large and are revered and held in high esteem for their service and dedication. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you will have fun as a volunteer.

Where We Need Help

We have identified several areas that will need volunteers:

  • Arrival Registration.
    • We will need some volunteers to staff the registration area (in shifts) on Thursday and Friday the main arrival days.
    • Handing out registration packets and logging people in.
    • Helping with issues as they arise.
  • Host hotel decorating.
    • We will be developing a theme for ZFEST and will need help to decorate the host hotel function suite.
  • Evening dinner event greeters/ticket takers.
  • Panoramic Photo: Parking lot control.
  • Car Show/ConcourZ:  Logistics/handlers.
  • General Help
    • We have not thought of everything yet!
    • Let us know if we can simply place you on a resource list just in case!

How You Can Volunteer

There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Individual Event/Function Volunteers: Get on the roster and pick the event/function you would like to be involved in. It would ideal if you could provide several preferences as some positions will fill up sooner than others.
  • Ad-hoc Volunteers: Although we are working diligently to ensure that ZFEST is as organized as possible and runs smoothly over the weekend “stuff” will happen. We will need a group of people to help fill in some last-minute positions as well as apply their problem solving skills during the weekend.
  • Group Volunteers: Coast to coast we have chapters that would be ideal candidates to take on an event as a group. If your chapter is interested, let us know and we’ll block out that event/function and make sure that our festival materials recognize you for your service and courage. 

I’m in! What next?

Send an email to: and let us know how you and/or your group would like to participate in the only Z car national event. 

Please note:  All ZFEST attendees must register for the event.  Volunteers may receive a t-shirt or some other memento, but no financial discount or compensation is provided.

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The state was anxious to participate in the war effort but did not get a chance to do so until President James Madison called on Tennessee to defend the lower counties. The state sent 1,500 men to help, earning it the nickname the "Volunteer State." Andrew Jackson led a group of soldiers from Tennessee in the Battle of New Orleans, which made a war hero of Jackson and propelled him into the White House.