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Catskills Beverage Traill
The interactive map pairs perfectly with a mighty thirst and a discerning palate. Hop from one microbrewery to the next, sip old and new world wines, and enjoy one perfect pour after another. Start anywhere and let the adventure begin!

Catskills Beverage Trail

Big Catskill Loop
This route gives you a great selection of views throughout the Catskill Mountains. You pass beautiful reservoirs go through several small country towns and when in Oneonta, NY you should stop at Brooks House of Bar-B-Q's for some of the best bbq you've ever had. To get there you just have to take a right onto Main street off of route 23

Big Catskill Loop Map

Shawnagunk Mountains Scenic Byway
We live in a region of mountains, forests, farms, rivers, and streams, small hamlets and rolling, still unspoiled countryside, alive with nature and, yes, it is beautiful here. Pronounced SHON-gum, the region is outlined by the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway, officially designated a New York State Scenic Byway by the state legislature and the governor in the fall of 2006. An alternate route through Gardiner was added in the fall of 2009. The now 88-mile byway encircles the northern Shawangunk Mountains and travels through the Rondout and Wallkill valleys, linking communities that have a common relationship to the northern Shawangunks and forming a distinct region of the state with its own special character.

Shawnagunk Byway Website
Shawnagunk Byway Magazine

Route 28 Driving Guide
The Route 28 Driving Guides provide an hour-long audio accompaniment for a westward drive on New York Route 28, from Olive to Andes. Hear about the history, landscape, food, and attractions along the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway. Beginning the audio where Rt. 28 meets Rt. 375 (where Rt. 28 narrows from 4 to 2 lanes), and driving at or near the speed limit will align audio content with featured locations along the route. However, driving the entire route is not necessary to enjoy the content.

Route 28 Guide Map
Route 28 Audio Guide companion

Great Northern Catskills of Greene County Driving Tours 
One of the best ways to explore Greene County is to hit the road and take a ride. Whether in a car or on a motorcycle or bicycle, the landscape of the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County is rich with natural beauty. On your self-guided tour, you’ll also enjoy charming villages with quaint shops, historic sites and museums, scenic parks and much more. Here are some suggested driving itineraries to help you “get lost” for the day.

Driving Tour Maps

Mountain Clove Run
The Mountain Clove Run offers one of the most breathtaking and beautiful rides through the Great Northern Catskills. This 73.3-mile route takes you into the mountains where some of the highest peaks in Greene County rise above you as you ride. Throughout the ride, you are afforded incredible views of the landscape and access to scenic vistas such as the Kaaterskill Clove. You'll pass through quaint towns offering great places to eat, and shop at antique stores and boutiques. There are gas stations in Leeds, Catskill, Palenville, Haines Falls, Hunter, Windham and Cairo in case you need to fill up.  Navigate curves and twisties that will test drive your skills on the rail, and enjoy your ride!

Mountain Clove Run Map

Emerald Isle Tour
The Emerald Isle Tour travels through the Irish settled countryside where you'll encounter smooth roads and rolling valley views. Follow Rte 145 to East Durham, home of the Annual Irish Festival.  Don't miss Gilboa Dam, Pratt Rock in Prattsville, and Windham Vineyards and Winery. Grab a bite to eat at the Inn at Leeds, Salon Steakhouse & Pub, The Shamrock House, The Milk Run, or the retro Cruisin' 50's Diner. This 57.9-mile route offers riders the chance to experience Cochrane Road, one of the most scenic roads in Greene County. Navigate through twists and curves on Prattsville Road along the reservoir, County Route 10 and Cochrane Road. There are gas stations along the route located in Leeds, Cairo, and Durham. 

Emerald Isle Tour Map

Grand Tour of the Catskills
This 143.2-mile Tour is one you won't want to miss - traveling throughout the Catskill Mountains the Grand Tour guides you through the mountains and wide open valleys. Carve through the mountainsides to experience twists at elevations of 2,300 feet as you drive by babbling streams and brooks. Along the route you can expect to see it all - high peaks, rolling farmlands, and quaint communities along the creeks. Don't miss experiencing Bastion Falls, the painted village of Tannersville, and Hunter Mountain Resort. Hop off your bike and take the short hike to Kaaterskill Falls - NY's highest cascading waterfall. You won't be disappointed! Dining options are abundant along the route in Greene County, and you'll find gas stations in Leeds, Catskill, Palenville, Haines Falls, and Hunter. 

Grand Tour Map

Route 98 - Hawks Nest Southern Gate
This is a now famous road that Porsche used in one of their advertisements in the 80s. Soon Saab, Honda, and Cadilac followed suit. It is also the road that was in Marvel's Doctor Strange. It's a fun road to drive and runs along the Delaware river. I tried to attach it to the Woodstock drive and it just made the drive too long. If you are headed south to go home, make a detour to get this road. You won't be disappointed. 

Upper Delaware Scenic Byway Information

Guided Drives

Thursday Drive

Scenic Catskills Drive
Driving the scenic byways and backroads of the Catskills.

Friday Drive

Historic Catskills Drive
A drive to lunch at the famous, historic Otesaga Resort overlooking Otesaga Lake. This hotel is famous being a member of Historic Hotels of America. It is also a famous hotel for being haunted! We stop for lunch and then a walk through baseball history in Cooperstown, NY where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. Baseball fans should not miss this!!!

Saturday Drive

Woodstock Peace, Love, & Z's Drive
We drive from Hunter mountain to the city of Woodstock, maybe you'll see a hippy or two walking the streets. From there we drive to Bethel, NY to Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm where the Woodstock Festival took place. We stop to take in the area and the museum tour before driving more back roads of the Catskills.

Sunday Drive

Run to Five States Lookout Point
We take a short morning drive to say goodbye to the Catskills ending at Five State Lookout Point.


FRS radios are a great way to keep in touch with the group during a drive.  If you have a set, please bring them to ZFEST with you.


The FRS radio is a vital tool in group-trip communication.If you plan to travel with us please consider buying a set (they usually come in sets of 2). Please buy radios that utilize sub channels, and consider buying a set that includes headsets or earbuds with an inline microphone. Most of the time, it is very difficult or impossible to hear radio transmissions with the top down without a headset. Some of us have hearing issues which makes it even worse. While the radio is a vital tool, it can also be a big source of frustration if not used correctly. Here are some guidelines that can make communicating easier and less frustrating.

1) Choose a Channel in advance and announce it.

2) If you have a voice activated mic PLEASE disable it.Wind noise will activate the mic and lockup the  frequency making radio communication impossible.

3) Please have your radio channel settings completed and fresh batteries installed BEFORE the morning of the drive.There probably won’t be time to do this during the morning meeting.

4) Please find a good place within your car to place the radio so that the talk button doesn’t get accidentally pushed against some thing while driving.This will also lockup the frequency making radio communication impossible.

5) When transmitting, press the talk button and WAIT 2 SECONDS BEFORE SPEAKING! If you don’t, everyone misses the first few words… and the last few probably won’t make any sense to the rest of us.

6) Hold the radio/mic 6 to 8 inches from your face.NOT UP AGAINST YOUR CHEEK OR MOUTH.

7) Speak SLOWLY and DISTINCTLY.If you don't, YOU will be the only one who knows what you're saying. To the rest of us its gibberish…. Frustration!

8) When communicating with others in the group, please call his/her name and wait for a response before continuing your communication.

9) When traveling in a large group it will be impossible for the leader to hear radio transmissions from the back of the pack. Someone in the middle of the pack will need to CLEARLY communicate any important information from the back to the front, and vise versa,using#5,6,7,&8 above.

10) It’s fine to occasionally use the radio for small talk and joking around, but too much of this can get in the way of more important communication and cause people to lose interest. And even during these times, if you’re not communicating clearly, it’s impossible for everyone in the group to know if you’re playing around or trying to communicate something serious.So please keep this in mind.



FRS radio's are a line of sight device. That being said, if you can not see the person you are trying to communicate with, they will most likely not hear you. Refer to # 8 above.